Wear to work

Such phenomenon as dress code has imposed a ban on any freedoms related to different items of clothing: jeans, trainers, miniskirt and many others. According to office style that belongs to the category «business formal» men must wear to work exclusively formal suits, light-coloured shirts and ties whereas women must wear a pants suit or a jacket with a skirt, strict blouses, transparent nude pantyhose and court shoes with heels of medium height. It was considered that wearing such a uniform employee demonstrates respect and evokes trust of clients and business partners.

Inability of some people to choose clothes for work properly can negatively affect their career. It`s necessary to take choosing wear to work seriously. You shouldn't focus narrowly on comfort or your own style. Surely, nice business clothes are quite expensive but a small set of items which will provide you with relevant look is enough.

If you are not sure what you should wear to work it`s necessary to choose conservative clothes. It`s recommended to think how you want to present yourself and your company. Unified standard of clothes for work doesn't exist. However, there are several simple rules. First of all, clothes must be quite qualitative. Secondly, there is no point in extraordinary fashionable dress. It should be remembered that clothes must correspond your age and size. Besides, business etiquette prohibits wearing the same outfit over two consecutive days. It`s necessary to replace at least one item.

Wearing tight clothes to work is not recommended. Skirts and trousers shouldn't be too form-fitting. Firstly, it will look slightly inappropriate. Secondly, such items of clothing will emphasize disadvantages of figure: extra weight or belly. Very transparent clothes are also not suitable for work. It`s possible to put on a jacket in order to cover a transparent blouse. As for skirts, they must have a clothing foundation.

Shoes always must be in ideal condition. There is no point in wearing high-heeled shoes or spiked shoes. In summer wearing flip-flops, sandals or open toe shoes to work even in very hot weather is not recommended. In office clunky or sport shoes are not allowed. During the daytime you should avoid wearing lacquered shoes. Concerning color range it`s recommended to avoid bright colours and inscriptions on clothes. It`s considered that combining white, black and grey colours can emphasize high status of a person. Grey is considered to be universal colour for office clothes as it`s not aggressive. Clothes of black and dark blue colour will also look nice. It`s better to choose sole-coloured blouses and hosiery of pastel shades. They shouldn't possess bright ornaments. Business clothes shouldn't combine more than three colours or two types of pattern.