Many people think that only girls with perfect figure can wear shortened tops. However, it`s not strictly true. By means of correct combinations you can create effective image even if you don`t have ideal figure. For this purpose you should follow several rules. The first rule is that you must consider peculiarities of your figure in order to highlight advantages and disguise drawbacks. The main thing is defining correct size of a top that shouldn't be too fitted and too loose. The second and very important rule is choosing compromise length of top.

Top-bando suits only owners of ideal figure and tight tummy whereas girls with some drawbacks of figure can afford to wear shortened top. You just need to define exact type of top that suits namely you in order to create unique combinations. It can be form-fitting, ultra-short, informal, lacy or sport models. It`s possible to make the right choice by means of experiments. When you choose form of top you`ll have to find out what combinations are the most appropriate and acceptable for you. Choosing shortened tops it`s advisable to get priorities straight emphasizing your femininity. In this case you not necessarily should have faultless figure. The main thing is correct combining items of clothing. Light summer suits consisting of midi skirts and shortened tops are characterized by universality. Stylists recommend to combine shortened tops with high-waisted trousers, skirts and shorts in order to avoid frivolity. Shortened shirt or blouse can become an interesting alternative to classic shirts and blouses. Such models ideally harmonize with A-line skirts and elegant pencil skirts.

As for variety of fabrics and patterns it`s recommended to use principle of universality. If you want to wear a top in minimalistic style give preference to black-and-white variants but bright and colourful tope will add intrigue to your appearance. It relates to both monochrome models and tops abundantly decorated with various prints which can have incredible interpretations and solutions. Shortened tops with bouffant skirts or shortened trousers help to create youth outfit.

Top for beach recreation is indispensable thing in wardrobe of every girl who is fond of sunbathing. In total there are about ten types of beach tops. The most popular of them are wrap top, tank top, singlet top and crop top. All these models are made of lightweight fabrics and present exclusively beach variant. Singlet is suitable for those who want to attract attention to their fashionable swimsuit. Singlet is a crocheted top used as a lacy mantle. Crop top reminds a shortened loose-fitting T-shirt. It`s the most comfortable and practical variant for wearing on a beach. Tank top suits amateurs of sports style. It presents a tight-fitting top that favourably emphasizes all advantages of figure.

Tops in the form of sleeveless vest are simple and can be complemented using bijouterie and a thin belt that will be perfect for this model.