Swimwear is one of indispensable thing that presents in wardrobe of every person. Choice of these items depends on peculiarities of your figure. Swimwear can disguise figure`s drawbacks. As for men`s sports clothes for swimming and beach trunks must be kept well providing freedom of movement simultaneously. Aesthetic characteristics are also important: correctly chosen swimming trunks emphasize beauty of body.

There are optimal variants for every type of figure: slips and boxer briefs differ from each other by width of sidepiece. Sidepiece of slips is narrower. Such trunks visually make figure slimmer and suit everybody. Boxer briefs present tight-fitting shorts of different lengths. These models frequently have cuts and pockets. Similar to slips boxer briefs are universal and the vast majority of men can choose them. Bermudas and shorts can hide big belly and buns. Choice of colour directly depends on skin colour. If your skin is tanned it`s recommended to buy trunks of white colour or pastel shade. Such bright variants as red, blue, light blue, green or orange colours suit white-skin men.

Swimwear for women must emphasize beauty and taste of its owner. Besides, it should disguise nuances of figure. Fabric of swimwear must be pleasant for body and resistant to water and ultraviolet rays. Beach swimwear is often made of bright fabrics and decorated with various elements: ruching, metal, beads, strasses and ties. Slim girls choose a two-piece bathing suit that allows to take on a high tan. One-piece bathing suit will serve for many years if its owner prefers active leisure on the beach, for example water fun or beach volleyball. Intermediary solution of one-piece and two-piece swimwear presents tankini a two-piece bathing suit with a long top and panties or shorts. Tankini allows to disguise some drawbacks of figure. Besides, this model is suitable for active rest. Brightness of design and openness make two-piece bathing suits the best variant for beach recreation. There are several types of this model: bikini, bandeau, swim-dress and others.

Evening swimwear is intended for beach parties and social evenings near a swimming pool. Evening swimwear made of expensive fabric and decorated with refined décor, lace and crystals will help its owner to stand out in the crowd. The main purpose of evening swimwear is emphasizing individuality and beauty. Sport swimwear is laconic and intended for practicing sports. In order to feel comfortable during sport activities you should choose it correctly. As a rule, traditional variant of sport swimwear for beach is shorts or a two-piece swimsuit. Closed models are used for water spots.