Regardless of priorities which are of great importance for you attractive appearance or comfort sweater is one of the most multifunctional items in wardrobe of any person.

Women`s sweaters depending on their models can look quite professional while wearing in office or informal in your free time. Women`s sweaters combine practicality and style of winter clothes. They keep warm their owner on a cold day and arouse interest in outfit. Successfully chosen sweaters highlight shape of body, disguise drawbacks of figure and emphasize its advantages. Choosing correct style and colour sweater can become your favourite item of clothing for daily life. Turtleneck sweater is hugely popular among women but this model suits not everybody. It`s better to choose a cowl collar of oblong shape as it visually lengthens neck. However, if you have long face this variant can lengthen it even more. Turtleneck sweater shouldn`t be complemented with jewelry as it will overload your image. Turtleneck sweater can be worn with trousers, jeans, pencil skirt or maxi skirt.

Oversize presents a loose-fitting sweater that looks several sizes larger. There is an important nuance: if you follow fashionable trends it`s necessary to choose model of oversize sweater thoroughly considering peculiarities of figure as oversize visually spoils figure of women with big thighs and belly. In such a case it`s better to choose a model with asymmetrical lower hem and low neckline. If you prefer cable-knit give preference to patterns with vertical strips in order to make figure slimmer. Oversize should be combined with form-fitting trousers, jeans or leggings.

Models of sweater dresses can be easily chosen for any figure. They provide you with comfort and can be complemented with various accessories. Regarding men`s sweaters an important aspect is type of collar. Rounded neckline is preferred by the majority of men. However, it`s recommended to give preference mot only to it and actively complement wardrobe with other variants. V-shaped neckline visually lengthens neck and make its owner slimmer. This variant is perfect for wearing with a tie. Depth of neckline can considerably vary. High collar is not very widespread type of men`s sweater as it`s loved by women. However, men shouldn`t disregard it as high collar is quite functional. There are many variants of using it. It can be worn with blazer, parka, reefing-jacket or hooded coat. Shawl collar comfortably fits neck. It can be frequently met in cardigans. Shawl collar looks unattractive with jacket. For that reason, it should be worn separately.

Drees code in office, at business meetings and various festive occasions requires appropriate appearance. Key attributes of clothes that should be worn in formal situations are thinness, easiness and softness. V-shaped neckline is the most relevant variant for formal situations. It`s necessary to choose model with minimal amount of pattern. As for texture of men`s sweater it`s better to give preference to soft and smooth surface.