Suits occupy a worthy place in wardrobe of every person as they undoubtedly present needful and effective items, all the more so because designers constantly try to diversify a range of models creating not only strict classic variants suitable only for business meetings but also more informal variants which will be appropriate for less official events.

Pants suit borrowed by women from men`s wardrobe has excellently complemented women`s items of clothing and became a real practical necessity, in particular of business women. Designers continuously improve models of women`s pants suits finding new solutions for emphasizing smooth lines of feminine figure. Women`s pants suits are widely presented in fashionable collections. There are numerous variants of trousers: tapered leg, loose-fitting trousers or classic models with ironed creases. If you have faultless legs it`s possible to choose shortened and tight-fitting trousers. Women`s pants suits are relevant anytime and anywhere. They are divided into several categories: business suit, evening and stylish pants suit. Jackets can be single-breasted and double-breasted. Neckline can be V-shaped or rounded. Skirt and trousers equally suit formal suit. Suit with a skirt is well suited not only for work but also formal occasions. In the evening it`s advisable to complement a skirt suit with a stylish blouse, silk blouse or blouse made of taffeta.

Every woman can choose appropriate model depending on peculiarities of her figure. Tall women will look effective wearing models which divide a figure into two equal parts, for example lengthened jackets or knee-length skirts. Short in height women should pay attention to shortened variants of jackets and skirts which are higher than knees. Besides, it`s necessary to consider decorative elements. Excessive quantity of pockets and fasteners, broad sleeves can visually expand figure.

Regarding men`s suits it`s also necessary to consider peculiarities of figure and cut of jacket. There are three possible variants of jackets: jackets with and without rear vent, jackets with double rear vent. Lines of rear vents visually lengthen legs and make movements more free. Cut of jacket should be faultless and accurately correspond men`s figure highlighting its advantages and disguising drawbacks. This goal is impossible to achieve if you have chosen unsuccessful cut of jacket.

Decorative buttonhole looks nice on jacket`s lapel. There is no particular need in it but this element can be easily added to suit. Dark fabric of suit and reserved fashion of suit provide you with freedom of choosing shirts and accessories. Any designer can suggest many original variants of blue suit. Blue colour doesn`t imply marine style. Brave and bright shades of this colour are fascinating but you shouldn`t overdo using blue colour. It`s possible to choose dark grey suits as alternative. Jackets with six buttons placed in two rows are the most functional variants among all double-breasted jackets.