Skirt is undeniably the most feminine item of women`s wardrobe. It`s possible to highlight advantages of figure and disguise disadvantages by means of properly chosen skirt. With the help of skirt you can visually lessen waist, increase or reduce thighs, correct line of hips and make legs longer. For this purpose you should learn to evaluate woman`s figure and choose model considering all your peculiarities.

Straight miniskirt fits snugly and reveal drawbacks if you have them. Such a skirt suits girls with well-proportioned figure and corrects line of legs. Choosing such a skirt it`s necessary to consider that it can make a figure disproportionate if you are tall. Miniskirt can be combined with blouse, sweater or T-shirt. As for shoes, it`s recommended to choose court shoes or accurate shoes without heels but high heels and platform are not prohibited. Compliance of clothes with age is one of the main principles of fashion. Young girls at the age of twenty years and older can wear any miniskirts. Women aged 30 or over should give preference to more reserved models.

Classic pencil skirt presents knee length model. Skirt of such fashion and length visually lengthens figure. If form of your knees is not ideal it`s recommended to choose a skirt that hides knees. There are many variants of pencil skirt and one of them is a high-waisted model. Such a skirt visually makes legs longer. Vertical seams add slenderness and reduce volume of body. Pencil skirt perfectly harmonizes with feminine blouses and form-fitting sweaters.

A-shaped skirt is close-fitting and bell-bottomed in the lower part. Such a model suites the majority types of women`s figure. If you have narrow thighs and broad shoulders A-shaped skirt will visually balance proportions of figure. Besides, it can hide broad thighs and make figure slimmer. Length of this model should be chosen considering shape of legs. Many fashionmongers have taken fancy to very feminine and graceful maxi skirt. Properly chosen outfit in combination with a showy blouse can emphasize all advantages of women`s figure. It should be remembered that long skirts mustn't be complemented with loose-fitting items. Maxi skirts mismatch T-shirts, tunics, shirts and tube tops below hips.

In order to look stylish wearing maxi skirt it`s necessary to reach harmony between upper and lower part of outfit. Only then beautiful maxi skirts will adorn a woman. Fans of loose skirts should choose quite form-fitting tops and blouses. Contrasting items will be the most successful variant. Such an image will allow to show sophisticated taste. Designers recommend to wear slim-waisted maxi skirts with short blazer or jacket. Long skirt perfectly harmonizes with outwear. As for shoes a long skirt perfectly suits shoes, ankle boots and high-heeled boots. However, there are some models which are not allowed to be worn with maxi skirts. They include boots in men`s style, ugg boots and rude shoes with square heels.