Shorts present a garment that is worn by both men and women and can be successful or absolutely inappropriate if they have been improperly chosen. The main parameter of shorts that should be considered above all others is their length. Men`s shorts can be higher than knees but lower than middle of thighs.

Another point of shorts` is their width. Shorts create a significant contrast between width of pant legs and thickness of legs. Thin legs in broad shorts look comical that`s why it`s necessary to choose shorts depending on your figure. Even if you have elegant shorts of relevant length you still must remember that more informal drees can hardly be found that`s why it`s better to refuse from wearing them to work, theater, church, business meeting. For the same reason shorts shouldn't be combined with holiday clothes, silk ties and jackets. On the other hand shorts harmonize with informal shirts especially with short sleeves and polo shirts. Shorts with a T-shirt resemble sports uniform.

The most complicated issue is wearing shorts and socks. The most acceptable option is wearing shoes which don`t require socks: moccasins, topsiders, loafers, espadrilles or leather sandals. It must be remembered that shoes should be chosen depending on image but not a definite item of clothing. Don`t forget about accessories: watch, stylish phone cover, fashionable gadget, nice bag. All these things will help you to feel comfortable and presentable in shorts. There are several variants of shorts: mini-shorts, classic sorts, Bermuda shorts and three quarter pants.

In order to look stylish wearing shorts it`s sufficient to know several simple rules. It`s important to choose correct size too narrow or broad shorts look ugly. Combination of shorts with a top or a T-shirt is ideal for daily life. For creation of more elegant image it`s recommended to put on shorts with blazer or cardigan. Another interesting variant is combination of shorts with a long transparent tunic. If you prefer denim shorts it`s better to choose items of light blue or beige colour. Dark blue colour is irrelevant in summer. It`s necessary to think over your image thoroughly if your put on striped shorts, loose shorts (your thighs must be narrow), bell-bottomed shorts (your legs must be well-shaped), straight denim shorts with turned up ends which length just slightly above knees (this model looks nice only on long and slim legs).

Pay attention to pattern and colour. If you want to wear more classic or fashionable shorts wear models of neutral colours such as white, ivory white, brown or black. Besides, it`s advisable to restrict embossed texture and lacy print. On the other hand, if you want to look bolder it`s possible to take a decision in favour of brighter colours and prints. Strips, spotted design, flowers can look beautiful whereas bold colours complemented with wild pattern images of animals or Hawaiian print can look absurd.