It can seem that shoes are one of numerous details in overall outfit but namely they play an important role adding charm or conversely bringing it to nought. Shoes emphasize all other constituents of outfit and serve as a finishing touch demonstrating your good taste but not blind pursuing seasonal trends.

Shoes present a basis of wardrobe. In the past shoes were necessary for protection against mechanical influence and keeping warm. Nowadays variety of this item tells us a lot. There are more than twenty types of summer women`s shoes whereas total number of attributes for feet are countless. Choosing summer shoes is not an easy task as we need shoes which will suit different occasions and weather conditions. On hot days the most appropriate variant of shoes is sandals. Choosing sandals it`s necessary to consider peculiarities of your feet as shoes can both disguise their drawbacks and emphasize advantages. Abundance of forms, details, colours and materials is an excellent way to hide lacks of feet. If your ankle is thin it`s recommended to wear sandals with straps around feet. Not very beautiful shins can be hidden by means of broad ribbons. If your foot is very broad it`s better to refuse from very open models.

Classic shoes are always in great demand. It`s only necessary to find your ideal pair. An advantage of black court shoes is their ability to harmonize with the majority of the most popular styles of clothes. Besides, they are very comfortable. If you`ve found an appropriate model it`s recommended to acquire shoes of beige colour. Shape of models can vary depending on fashion. For that reason it`s advisable to avoid wearing very broad, roundish and very pointed toes as such models are quickly falling out of fashion.

Spiked shoes are not only unusual but also necessary for any party. Spiked shoes considerably highlight shape of legs, visually increase height and give confidence. If you prefer models with thin straps resembling sandals it`s necessary to find shoes with platform which height is approximately two centimeters. Besides, it`s necessary to find functional models which easily match your evening dresses. Boots necessarily should be made of qualitative and resilient leather. Model must be universal as boots play the same role in wardrobe as court shoes. Boots can be worn with skirts, jeans and trousers. They always look expensive and will never go out of fashion. Intense brown colour, chocolate and coffee-coloured boots are stylish and always on trend. Sport shoes are intended for sporting activities and walking outdoors but not for daily life. Such shoes must be worn exclusively with sports clothes and bag. There are numerous comfortable and elegant shoes in casual style for amateurs of well-being.

Ankle boots are a great alternative of court shoes. The can be worn with trousers and skirts of different lengths. It`s possible to create a stylish look wearing ankle boots with a dress, skirt and even shorts depending on shape of your legs and fashion.