Fashionable trends relentlessly change every season. For that reason it`s necessary not only to follow fashion but also adapt it depending on your requirements. There is a great variety of models: classic straight pants, pipestem pants, tapered leg, broad pants, shortened pants and others. Besides, colouring, texture and quality of fabrics are very diverse. The main thing is harmonious appearance and emphasizing your individuality but not following the latest trends.

Classic straight pants suit practically everybody and never go out of fashion. Such pants can become a basis of your wardrobe. Regarding length pants must touch the middle of the heel of shoes. Tight-leg pants suit owners of long slim legs and highlight advantages of figure. They should be complemented with heeled shoes. Bell-bottomed pants have a number of advantages. They suit people with big thighs and balance figure. Such fashion of pants visually makes figure slimmer whereas legs seem to be longer. It`s recommended to complement them with heeled ankle boots. Bell-bottomed pants should be longer than classic model and almost cover heels.

A model called tapered leg presents pants with asymmetrical cut. Their upper part is broad and distinguished by creases whereas lower part is narrowed. They gained peak of popularity in 1980 years but nowadays they periodically appear in collections of famous designers. Such models presented in all colours but pants of light pastel shades have the most stylish look as bright colours are not very relevant. Cigarette pants are very popular among women as they comfortable and practical. Besides, they perfectly accentuate all advantages of woman`s figure. Women`s cigarette pants can be with high and low waist. Fabric of these pants should be elastic and stretchable in order not to hinder movements.

Breeches is a variation of woman`s pants which length can be just below the knee or reach middle of shins. Inalienable attribute of their lower part is cuff. Pants chinos are loved by modern young people. These beautiful and narrow models are sewed of soft and durable fabric such as flax and cotton. They are a bit like jeans by reason of comfort, practicality and durability. Pants chinos allow to move freely and highlight advantages of figure. They can be worn to work and during walks around the city. However, pants chinos are not suitable for formal occasions. They can be complemented with boots, sneakers, shirts and T-shirts. In USA chinos are considered to be more formal item of clothing than jeans but more informal than pants made of flannel. When these pants are correctly chosen considering your figure and complemented with relevant items of clothing and accessories it`s possible to create chic image of modern person with an outgoing personality.

Velvet pants can be made of thin or dense fabric. They symbolize informal style. In order to appear at official meeting wearing them it`s necessary to iron creases. It`s necessary to remember that velvet pants don`t harmonize with jacket of the same fabric.