Leggings are considered to be one of the main items of wardrobe and popular in summer and winter: in cold weather they are worn instead of warm tights whereas in summer and spring they replace tight-leg trousers and worn with oblong tops and tunics. Elastic comfortable to wear trousers were hugely popular in 1980 years. In 1990s colours of leggings became calmer whereas fabric of leggings became dense.

Nowadays leggings are again actual and can be complemented with any clothes: skirts, dresses, shorts and sweaters. Combination of leggings with a light shirt is ideal. Denim or leather jacket can be added to such image. If you put on a broad leather belt over shirt this combination will be also excellent. Heeled shoes suit this style toeless shoes or ankle boots. Dense leggings complemented with short dresses, coats, short jacket or boots present an excellent variant for autumn and spring. Choosing leggings for combining with fur waistcoat it`s necessary to pay attention to dark and unicoloured models. High-heeled shoes, broad belt and bag matching colour of shoes help to create harmonious image.

Another variant is leggings complemented with warm printed dress that can be worn with fur waistcoat, jacket, coat or fur coat. It`s recommended to combine dense leggings with warm dresses and tunics. Warm dress in combination with thin and transparent leggings is considered to be bad style. Conversely, cool dress with dense and warm leggings is tasteless. It`s recommended to pay attention to dark and unicoloured models when choosing leggings for combining with fur waistcoat. High-heeled shoes, broad belt and bag matching colour of shoes are perfectly suitable. Denim short skirt is the most optimal variant for wearing with leggings and hugely popular among youth. Regarding combining leggings with shoes it should be noted that in summer leggings must be worn with flat sandals and high-heeled toeless shoes. In winter and during cold season leggings can be worn practically with any shoes ankle boots, high-heeled and low-heeled boots, moccasins, loafers, sneakers and ugg bots. It`s possible to put on trainers with leggings only if you practice sport.

In some cases leggings can spoil your appearance. Leggings are not suitable for full-bodied girls as they considerably highlight shapes of legs. Leggings with bright print, for example checked ones can disfeature even the most perfect legs. Wearing evening or cocktail dress with leggings is tasteless. Don`t combine leggings with ultra-short top or sleeveless vest if your figure is far from ideal. Leggings is not very successful variant for owners of twiggy legs, particularly if they are of black colour that visually makes figure slimmer as is well-known.

Lacy leggings should be worn very carefully in order not to attract excessive attention. Leggings with bright print should be combined with less bright items in order to avoid unreasonable colourfulness.