Jacket presents in wardrobe of every person. Variety of materials allows to choose a model suitable for daily life or special weather conditions. By means of jacket any person can look stylish, glamorous and attractive. Every season designers offer new variants of jackets.

Jackets should be made of qualitative material that passes air. Namely natural fabric is distinguished by waterproofing properties which can protect you from bad weather. Some models of fashionable jackets can be made of different materials that`s why it`s necessary to remember that choosing headwear and shoes for them is quite complicated. Jackets can be hooded and you must define whether you need such a significant detail. Hooded jackets particularly appeal to people who got used to dispense with headwear. Hoods are practically irreplaceable in rainy weather. Such a jacket can be combined both with jeans and pencil skirt.

Overweight people must avoid jackets with slip pockets as they can visually add volume to figure. Models with a belt always look more attractive as they add femininity to your image. Regarding colour range of jacket it`s necessary to take into consideration personal preferences and colour of shoes. Bright colours always attract attention but it`s necessary to remember that such a jacket requires delicate care. If it doesn`t frighten you it`s possible to acquire a model of white or red colour. Fashionmongers of all time have given preference to leather jackets as they successfully emphasize silhouette and don`t require special care. Besides, such jackets will protect you from foul weather and serve more than one season.

Many men prefer jackets in biker style. This style includes several variants of fashion. The main difference of biker style is diagonal position of a zipper. Besides, it can be placed at a certain angle. The second distinguishing feature is its length: almost every jacket in biker style is waist deep. Abundance of fasteners and clasps with buckles is a visiting card of such models. Leather jackets complemented with military details are suitable for attracting attention. Jackets in military style have big lapel pockets and decorative buttons. Heat-insulated models have sherpa lining and turn-down collar made of natural fur. Sport jackets have comfortable fit. They are especially popular among youth. The majority of such models are characterized by comfortable elastic ribbon in the lower part of jacket. Collections of asymmetric zip jackets are constantly complemented with different models. They are relatively short and their close-fitting design hint at the fact that asymmetric zip jackets are intended for young people.

Regarding winter jackets it`s necessary to mention down jackets which help to get rid of cold. These models are absolutely unpretentious as they don`t require special care. Choosing down jacket it`s necessary to pay attention to details: sleeve cuffs, hood, collar and length. Presence of hood is not necessarily but desirable as hoods with fur trimming will make your image more appropriate for winter.