A hat must emphasize shape of face, match the colour of clothes and not be eye-catching. This accessory is extremely naughty and brave. Unbreakable rule of this headwear is to serve as an adornment and highlight individuality of its owner. None fashionable beach outfit looks complete without this beautiful accessory. Universal variant is a straw hat that can be worn both by adult people and children. A breathable and very light hat protects face from ultraviolet rays. Straw summer hats can be worn with jeans and elegant sundress.

Light knitted hats look nice and casual. Besides, they are very practical. When choosing a model of hat the determining factor is your height: the less height the smaller hat you should wear. It` necessary to look at yourself in the mirror in order to see an overall picture. Thin women must remember the only rule: width of hat`s brims shouldn't be more than width of shoulders. Tall and overweight people can acquire a broad-brimmed hat. Choice of a hat also depends on facial contours. Panama hats and hats with folded brims suit round faced fashionmongers. Owners of triangular face must choose hats with small brims. People with square faces look nice while wearing slouch hats and asymmetrical models.

Colour range directly depends on colour of hair and skin. Hats of gentle pastel shades don`t suit fashionmongers with pale skin. Blondes and red-haired people should avoid wearing hats which colour coincides with colour of their hair. On the contrary, dark-haired people can allow to wear a hat of any colour. Following these simple advice you can choose an appropriate hat and look irresistible. Modern hats are frequently decorated with small bouquets, wreaths, artificial fruits as in the middle of 1960s. Flowers can me made of fabrics of unusual colouring. Fruits also can be of natural or fancy colouring. Small hats are decorated with feathers.

It`s necessary to acquire a hat that suits your available outwear. There is no point in acquiring a headwear in the expectation that you`ll someday buy an appropriate coat. A hat must harmonize with outwear in terms of structure of cloth, colour and fashion. For example, if you`ll put on a green coat and a red hat these items will be in sharp contrast to each other. Such a combination of colours is used primarily in clothes for children, youth, sports and beach clothes. A hat is one of those accessories which evoke fear even of the most elegant men.

Men seldom run the risk of wearing hats because nowadays hardly anybody wears them but it`s difficult to find more appropriate headwear for autumn than a felt hat. Felt is the most common material for making hats. A felt hat is a reputable thing that requires wearing suitable clothes: coat or jacket, leather shoes. Felt retains heat and relatively moisture proof. However, if a hat will become wet it can get out of shape. For that reason it`s necessary to dry it at room temperature.