It`s impossible to argue about the best variants of handbags as the same model can emphasize advantages of one woman`s figure and attract attention to drawbacks of another woman`s body built. The main thing is matching proportions of figure. It`s necessary to balance figure`s peculiarities: owners of full breasts should choose a handbag with long shoulder strap and wear it at the level of waist whereas bright handbag with short shoulder strap can distract attention from big thighs. Tall and slim people should give preference to handbags with smooth and rounded lines. Owners of sport figure must avoid sharp edges.

As a rule, two-four handbags of different fashion are enough for successful complementing any image and can be used in various situations. For that reason they should be chosen thoughtfully considering your financial possibilities and taste. Thus, you`ll be ensured with stylish accessories for all occasions in life. Surely if you want to find out what handbag is better it`s necessary to familiarize with fashion trends in order to understand what forms, colouring and style are preferred by designers.

Envelope clutch has caught the fancy of every fashionmonger due to convenience, practicality and stylishness. It presents an ideal variant for evening walks when you need to take only necessary things with you lipstick, keys and phone. Besides, envelope clutch can turn common clothes into a bright and original outfit thanks to a great variety of models. A similar situation is observed in regard to handbags in the form of wallet and boxes. They are less capacious than envelope clutch but can create sophisticated elegance and femininity.

Straw handbags don`t lose relevance for many years thanks to their easiness and carelessness of design. They are particularly suitable for beach recreation. Bag-baguette is a lengthened bag with one shoulder strap of medium length that can be worn on a shoulder or in hand. Its width exceeds twice or a few times height. It might seem that this model is old but it will hardly ever stop attract new fans. Handbags can be different: leather, textile, wickered, knitted or even fur. Surely, the most durable and stylish material is leather. Such bags are inexpensive but have many advantages. Leather bags always stay in fashion. Besides, range of such bags is wide: there are fashions, colours and sizes for every taste. Nowadays handbags made of artificial leather are also popular. Quality of modern textileather is very close to natural leather but less expensive. Textile bags are distinguished by practicality, capacity and stylishness. They can be decorated with embroidery, original print, ribbons and applique work.

Way of wearing handbags is also very important: any accessory worn on a shoulder attracts attention to upper part of body whereas a bag worn on elbow draws attention to thighs. Be especially attentive when choosing a small bag with long shoulder strap as it can focus attention on both advantages and disadvantages.