Wardrobe of any woman even if she is a convinced fan of practical jeans and unisex style can`t be imagined without several dresses. As practice shows, at least five dresses should present in woman`s wardrobe evening maxi dress for visiting theater or restaurant and various occasions, cocktail dress for less formal events, a pair of dresses corresponding dress code and at least one summer variant. It is best if you acquire designer`s dresses with classic silhouette made of common fabric tweed, wool, hosiery, silk or chiffon. As a rule, they are offered by every Internet shop and boutique of designer and brand clothes.

Before acquiring a dress it`s necessary to think whether it harmonizes with the rest items of your wardrobe. Otherwise, you`ll have to buy appropriate shoes, scarf, jewelry and possibly change make up. For that reason it`s better to choose dresses of colours which suit you or win-win black and white colours and their combinations.

The main secret of properly chosen dress reflects complexity and inconsistency of woman`s reason. Evening dress must be strict, reserved and have minimum embroidery whereas fashionable designer`s dress will perfectly fit for role of casual dress. It will allow to wear a classic evening dress quite frequently without worrying that it can become annoying. A wrap dress emphasizes femininity best of all. Herewith it can be complemented with jewelry, mantle, gloves, shoes, bags and other accessories for creation bright image. Conversely, unusual, effective but quite relevant in office coat-dresses, dresses in the form of tunics, maxi and midi dresses can be worn during a couple of seasons.

Namely fashion causes confusion of buyers. There are more than 18 various types of dresses which present or disappear from the shelves of shops. A straight knee-length dress with sleeves and small neckline is a classic model. It`s the most universal fashion that is equally suitable for both swanky parties and office. The second most common model is a sheath dress. Its strict lines suit all business women and many women working in office. Pinafore dresses are relevant every summer. Loose-fitting and highlighting a slim waist pinafore dresses are perfectly suitable for daily life. Shirt-dress became an embodiment of feminism. Upper part of shirt-dress reminds men`s shirt with collar and cuffs. Lower part is presented by a classic flippy skirt.

All people have various types of figure. Considering this factor it`s necessary to choose dress as entire image consists of details. Shape of dresses can simultaneously emphasize advantages of figure and distract attention from drawbacks. If you have broad shoulders and narrow thighs it`s necessary to avoid loose sleeves. Fitted dresses with big neckline will suit such a type of figure. Hourglass body shape is the most universal. Girls and women with such a figure will look nice wearing practically any dresses. The main rule in this case is emphasis on waist.