Whims of nature are unavoidable. After warm summer autumn with its coolness is coming and light jackets are replaced by coats. Every coat has its own fashion and colour. There are feminine and romantic, mischievous and bright coats.

People have been wearing coats for more than a century. Initially these items of clothing presented raincoats and capes without sleeves. A modern variant of a coat appeared in the nineteenth century. Redingote is considered to be a prototype of contemporary models. Redingote presents a close-fitting or semi-fitted double-breasted overcoat with English velvet turn-down collar and sleeve cuffs.

Epochs succeeded each other, fashion was changed, fabrics and manufacture of clothes improved. Designers created and continue to create many interesting, comfortable and stylish models. Some of them became classics or basic models as professionals call them. They are universal and exist outside tendencies. Fashion houses sew them from year to year. Namely these models are neutral. They are equally suitable for wearing with a little black dress, shoes or trainers. Wrap coats fastened with one or two buttons also belong to basic models. Double-breasted overcoat will be always relevant. Women`s coats have been borrowed from men`s wardrobe. As soon as women got rid of crinoline cut of dresses was changed and women were given an opportunity to wear outer clothing designed for men.

Greatcoat presents a long model with a fold and strap on the back. This model is slim fit in the lines of shoulders. Greatcoat has been created for wardrobes in military style, casual and drama. Duffle coat is a straight short overcoat made of strong fabric with a bi-swing pleat on the back and shoulder yoke, hood, slip pockets, wooden buttons or buttonholes. This model will be perfectly suitable for wardrobe in casual style. Crombi is a classic short-cut dress. Its fashion reminds men`s jacket and ideally suits amateurs of dandy, casual or smart-casual style. Manteau is a loose fit and easy coat made of fabric or fur that looks comfortable and feminine.

Buying a coat is an excellent investment in your wardrobe. Commonly, every person has two of three items of outwear for autumn-winter season. Consequently, you`ll quite often wear a chosen model. In order to make spending money successful it`s necessary to remember several simple rules. Give preference to coat made of natural high-quality materials such as wool or cashmere. They will not only keep you warm but also emphasize status of owner. A coat shouldn't be too loose or too tight. Length of coat and sleeves should correspond your parameters. A qualitative model can be distinguished by accuracy and exactness of seams. Famous fashion houses frequently make seams not only by means of sewing machine but also by hand. Considering above-mentioned models and points which should be taken into account you can create your image. Outerwear must comply with numerous functions of your wardrobe. In other words a coat must harmonize with your informal, work clothes and evening outfits.