Active recreation is an integral part of every person`s life. Any physical exercises or just active pastime require wearing special items of clothing. Nowadays shops offer a great variety of such things. In order to make the right choice it`s necessary to familiarize with variants of active wear which are appropriate for chosen activity. The main feature of clothes for active leisure out in the nature is comfort. In summer clothes must protect from scorching sunshine but allow skin to breathe. Cotton T-shirts, sleeveless vests, shorts and leggings of bright colours decorated with prints will become an excellent variant for summer weekend. During the cold season clothes for active life must not only keep you warm but be moisture proof. Thermal underwear will ensure comfort even during intense physical activity.

Outdoor recreation shoes should have special design shoes` construction must be similar to anatomical structure of feet. Comfortable insoles won`t allow your feet to get tired. Choose shoes with ventilation in order to allow skin to breathe. Sole of shoes for outdoor activity should be durable for walking in different localities. It`s necessary to choose active wear considering definite type of planned activity. Thus, yachting requires not only wearing clothes not hindering movements but also protective clothes. For that reason clothes for yachting should be made of waterproof fabric. Besides, it`s recommended to take care of change items of clothing if it`s sunny wear comfortable polo shirt, windbreaker jacket will be helpful in case of rainy weather.

If you are planning to practice sport it`s necessary to choose comfortable active wear, properly sized, without extra decorations in the form of buckles, lapels, ruching and others. Material used in making clothes mustn't cause discomfort and guarantee air passage in order to prevent sweating. The main thing in choosing active wear is quality. Poorly accomplished seams can cause not only discomfort but also result in serious injury if they graze your skin. Another important criterion is usability and durability of clothes especially if you are planning to wear it regularly for an extended period of time.

Many people mistakenly consider that there is no need to pay attention to appearance of active wear. Quite the opposite, aesthetic appearance and design are important aspects thanks to which you`ll feel and look confidently and stylish. Universal hooded jacket provides amateurs of active recreation with comfort. Such clothes complemented with numerous pockets and removable Sherpa is very suitable for walking outdoors and creates comfort during ski touring and time-consuming tramping.

Surely fashion and colouring shouldn't remain without attention. Famous brands always offer sufficient quantity of appropriate variants. It`s possible to choose fashionable sports suit, stylish leggings, shorts, shirts and T-shirts.